Stirling Honors Hero – Just For One Day

Stirling Honors Hero – Just For One Day

Friday, 25 March 2016
Detroit Music Station

Not much is known about the man who goes simply by the name of Stirling. We know he is separated by only 1 degree from some the biggest names in Detroit rock and roll history, and the stories of his friendship with Glam Rock legends Iggy Pop, Lou Reed and Rod Stewart have been well documented.  The rest, however, is hearsay and folklore.  They say he used to live in a castle near the Manoogian Mansion but he now resides somewhere in the affluent Detroit neighborhood of Indian Village where he is said to have amassed a vast collection of rare books and vinyl LPs. He has rarely been seen before dark and is always surrounded by beautiful women.   Above is the only photo of him known to exist.  His age in unknown but is estimate is to be somewhere between 39 and 70.  He is a day trader by day and is said to have parlayed a small inheritance into a vast fortune.

He is the most interesting man in Detroit’s modern day rock scene and he is throwing a party Saturday night, March 26, in honor of his long-time hero David Bowie called PANIC IN DETROIT.  He has invited nearly 20 of the biggest acts in Detroit music to perform an acoustic version of their favorite Bowie song – and they all agreed. The event takes place where you would imagine it to take place – the coolest club in town called Northern Lights.  The show begins after dark, of course.

In addition to running night clubs, record shops and managing artists, Stirling can also sing. He recently cut an album with the help of his good friends from The Sights – a very good unreleased album that we’ve had the pleasure of listening to.  Before that, however, we found this video of him – taken from a cell phone nearly 10 years before that technology was even developed- jamming with even more Detroit rock and roll legends.  He has since dropped the “Silver” from his name simply because he could.

Enjoy and hopefully we’ll see you Saturday night.


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