Saint Eve Records Takes Over Pen House Studio

Saint Eve Records Takes Over Pen House Studio

Thursday, 28 December 2017
Detroit Music Station

He is the hardest working recording engineer in Detroit and he is booking sessions throughout the holiday season – including Christmas Day – tirelessly helping artists create great music. Demand for his skills are high because he is one of those rare technicians that plays EVERY instrument – from key boards to guitar to bass and drums. And he loves all genres of music. Steve Diehl is quickly making a name for himself in this town since bringing his skills to his new studio on the 20th floor of the Penobscot Building in Downtown Detroit. Together with his partner, Platinum Record producer Nick Speed, he is building what is quickly becoming the go-to studio in the Greater Detroit area. Major labels have already sent big-name clients from L.A. and New York to record there.

Their studio is called Pen House Studio and Steve’s company is called Saint Eve Records. And like all good music producers, he creates music for himself, as well. He performs under the name of St. Eve and below is a sample of some his own work. But he prefers to record for others, so if you have tracks you’ve been wanting to lay down, we suggest you call him quickly before it becomes cost-prohibitive. Call 248-632-4919.



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