Night Drive
01:00 pm - 01:00 pm
06 Jul
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  • Detroit, Michigan
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While her friends were listening to Hanson and Pink growing up as a little girl in Metro Detroit, she was jamming to Juan Atkins and the Belville Three. Throughout the years, she thumbed her pierced nose at the pop stars of her generation in favor of the much more creative mixologists of the electronic music scene and becoming, along the way, the biggest fan and critic this town has ever known. We are very proud to introduce Chelsea Harabedian as our new electronic/ techno music editor and host of a weekly podcast show which launches today, May 25, at high noon.

And it is no coincidence that her show begins on the eve of Detroit’s world-renowned Movement Festival in Downtown Detroit. Armed with all-access media credentials, Chelsea will be working the festival hard with scheduled interviews with some of the world’s greatest dj’s and sharing those interviews with listeners in up-coming shows – all while she continues to promote and share the great music of the very skilled artists of Detroit’s own techno scene.

NIGHT DRIVE premieres today at noon (but, of course, will be available to listen to at night) right here on Detroit Music Station – Driving Detroit Music!

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