Detroit Rocks Radio Debuts to Overwhelming Support

Detroit Rocks Radio Debuts to Overwhelming Support

Monday, 15 May 2017
Detroit Music Station

Many know him as an artist, designer, businessman and community supporter, but native Detroiter Robert Dempster is also a very skilled and accomplished musician. He has been playing and making music his entire life beginning as a teen where he holds the distinction of being the very first band to ever play at the now-historic Grande Ballroom. His band was called the Wha? and they warmed up the legendary MC-5 that opening night. All these years later, he is still making great music while promoting the city that he loves with his Detroit Rocks! Project As part of this effort, he has just launched Detroit Rocks Radio that can be heard every Friday at noon right here on Detroit Music Station.

Detroit Rocks Radio features great Detroit music produced by great Detroit area musicians as well as cool and interesting business and community people that help make this town the real music capital of the world. Show co-host Angela Michaels adds her worldly take on everything going on around town to help make this show the perfect precursor to the weekend. If you miss this show, you can catch each episode right here, on demand, on Detroit Music Statio. Driving Detroit Music!!!



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