Detroit Area Music Community Lead The Charge – Once Again- To Help Feed Those In Need

Detroit Area Music Community Lead The Charge – Once Again- To Help Feed Those In Need

Tuesday, 02 May 2017
Detroit Music Station

There once was a time when your day life and what you really want to do when you grew up were kept separate. Marketing, Sales, Engineering, Journalism, Producer, Mom, Dad, Teacher, Volunteer during the day – entertainer, artist, musician after the sun set.

Now, with the onset of the Digital Revolution – all of the lines are blurred and come together at once. Radio stations shrink or are automated. Journalists become bloggers hustling to sell their own websites.
Technology and social media enables musicians to reach thousands upon thousands while often times giving their music away for free – wondering if anyone ever truly values their work?

Pulse Secure CEO Sudhakar Ramakrishna oversees a solution that encrypts and protects all of the digital neighborhoods we navigate. Through cyber-security, encryption and authentication – Pulse Secure enables musicians to protect their work at a hospital – and to promote their weekend festival show on most any social media platform.

Through these dynamic changes, one constant continues to remain the same – hunger and need among us. According to the U.S. 2014 Census, one in six families faces poverty in Michigan. The median income in Michigan has dropped nearly 20%, according to the same MLive story. And, Gleaners Food Bank continues to provide 97% of every dollar it raises to feed the working poor. Enter Bob Bauer, Civilian and Soul Hustler Jim Hebler – and some of their best friends of all ages, musical styles and good humor.

“Friends of mine in technology paid a nationally renowned band at our national sales kick off to have me get up and sing,” Hebler said. “And our CEO Sudhakar Ramakrishna was surprised by what he heard. Pulse Secure is a superb work-life-balance organization that encourages give-back efforts by its soldiers everywhere we’re privileged to work. Simply put, Sudhakar challenged me and our 14 State Great Lake Team to do something with music to help drive a valuable community service. With that said, I reached out to Bob Bauer and old and new friends here in Detroit to get the band back together.”

“Stewart Francke, Paula Messner, Jim and his groups, all of them used to freeze with me every holiday season and we’d promote the Food Bank gathering when I was on terrestrial radio,” Bauer said. “Now, I keep on rockin while doing what I’m doing on web-based broadcasting and Pen Media. Jim came out for our effort this past Christmas and when he told me about this, it was a no-brainer.”


EVENT: Pulse Secure Soul Hustler Showcase Series

First Trio of Shows: May 12, June 16 and June 30 – New Way Bar, Ferndale, MI

May 12 = Nationally renowned singer-songwriter Stewart Francke – over 15 Detroit Music Awards, recorded with Bruce Springsteen, winner of Twilight Awards for Leukemia Survivor Community service and a survivor himself. Bass player for Chuck Berry, winner of Saginaw Music Hall of Fame Award – on at 8:30 May 12.

Paula Messner and One And Dones – Paula has been featured in USA Today and The Today Show, winner of multiple Detroit Music Awards, leader of The Vertical Pillows, Motor Dolls and a superb rock guitarist – now leading Punk Rock for Kids and Parents via The Candy Bandits.

Soul Hustler – is an All Star Band lead by Jake Smith (Brothers from Another Planet) – a guitar virtuoso and Hebler – featuring Award Winning drummer Jim Sparks, percussionist John Slitti, Nationally renowned vocalist Jenny Molina – and guest musicians from Mainstreet Soul and the Detroit Symphony Orchestra.

Pulse Secure will donate considerably for everyone who attends. All that’s required for attendees is a minimum donation of $2.00 on up to whatever they can afford to give.

Future shows will feature The Beggars, Amy Gore and Her Valentines, Hand Grenades, The Burros and White Shag.

With school coming to an end – and single Moms figuring out how to feed kids missing school programs – this Gleaners Food Bank Program will provide some of Detroit’s best music – multiple genre – while donating five-figures in overall donations. When you consider that every dollar raised provides 3 MEALS for working families who need the help – and that you get to reconnect with Bob Bauer and his friends at a great venue – great sound in the New Way, Ferndale, MI USA – this is a can’t- miss, fun event that shows the power of NEW MEDIA.

In the meantime, check out this music video:



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