Core Radio Expands : Seeks On-Air Talent and Music From Local Artists

Core Radio Expands : Seeks On-Air Talent and Music From Local Artists

Saturday, 01 October 2016
Detroit Music Station

Worldwide Core Radio, Detroit’s largest and hottest on-line hip hop channel, has expanded. With its recently-launched Core Rock and Core Country stations, Worldwide Core is rapidly becoming the Sirius XM network of the internet. Now, no matter what your musical taste or mood – Hip Hop, Jazz, Electronic, R&B, Gospel, Rock or Country – there is a Core channel for you.

Core’s success can be attributed to their years of experience – they’ve been on the air since 2011 – and their attention to quality. They carefully select their on-air personalities as well as the music they play – both national artists and local artists. They are members of BMI, ASCAP and spin reporters for Broadcast Data System (BDS).

And they continue to grow. In the upcoming weeks, watch as they expand their reach across the country and around the world and add new disk jockeys to the airwaves including some well-known Detroiters. They are also interviewing for new talent. So if you know someone who might make a great radio show host OR if you know an artist that needs their music heard on any of the Core stations, let us know and we will connect them with the right station manager. In the meantime, check out the great sounds of Core radio at and enjoy this clip of Mick Jagger singing a song that you might hear on their Core Rock station.


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