BOB BAUER LIVE! Weekdays from 2pm to 4pm

BOB BAUER LIVE! Weekdays from 2pm to 4pm

Tuesday, 14 March 2017
Detroit Music Station

In the 1970’s he helped revolutionize FM radio by rocking the Detroit airwaves of WABX. In the 80’s, he helped develop a new genre of rock on the airwaves of WLLZ. In the 2000’s he was a pioneer in the wild west of internet radio. Today, we are very excited to welcome Bob Bauer back to the wireless airwaves of Detroit Music Station.

Bob picks up where he left off a few years ago at the UDetroit Network and brings us “Bob Bauer Live: The Rock Starts Here”. With the help of Executive Producer and long time record industry executive Jack Ashton, Bob will be playing new music from many of Detroit’s greatest artists as well as never-before-heard music from well known national acts – the kind that helped make Detroit the music mecca it is today.

The party starts tomorrow, Wednesday, March 15 right here at at 2:00 PM when Bob welcomes a number of very cool guests to the Pen Media Studio high atop the Penobscot Tower in Downtown Detroit. Listen in, call in and dial in – and download the app to your phone and car. The rock starts here – and will continue every weekday 2:00 to 4:00 pm.

Detroit Music Station – Insanely Great Music – Detroit Style!

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