23 Year Old Kidd from Flint Releases First Film

23 Year Old Kidd from Flint Releases First Film

Thursday, 09 February 2017
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He was born in the worst part of Flint, Michigan. Perhaps the worst part of the country. His mother was a politically-connected business woman who could not manage to stay out of trouble. Could not manage to stay out of jail. Drugs mostly. Consequently, Michael Kidd, her only son, was pushed through the foster care system – the dark side of it. Until such time he decided he had had enough and, at 16 years old, decided to simply raise himself. He took on part time work while trying to finish school. At 18 – shortly after his mother was released from prison – he came home to find her un-responsive – dead from another drug overdose. By all statistical accounts, Michael Kidd was destined to follow in his mother’s footprints – another urban statistic. But a year or so before his mother’s passing, he met JaQuavis Coleman who would help turn his life around.

JaQuavis Coleman is half the writing team known as Ashley & Jaquavis, New York Times’ Best-Selling authors who have penned countless novels in the Urban Fiction genre. He and his wife, Ashley, hired Kidd to tour the country with them and their Official Writer’s League (OWL) team to help promote their books and to help launch their movie production business, Like Mind Studios.

This was how Michael Kidd learned to write creatively and this was when, at the age of 19, he wrote his first Urban Fiction novel. The book is called Shattered Dreams, and is based on a play his mother had written when he was younger. When an agreement with Coleman to publish the book fell apart, Kidd decided to publish it himself. Lacking proper distribution, the book experienced only moderate sales.

Undeterred and knowing he had written a great story, Kidd doubled-down, put himself through film school then produced, directed and self-funded the film version of this epic story about life in the streets of Flint. That movie, also called Shattered Dreams, is in the final editing stage and is expected to be released early next month. This film has not yet been rated but will probably be rated “R” – quite violent and a lot of dirty words.

For more information about Michael Kidd, “Shattered Dreams” the book, or “Shattered Dreams” the movie, please call Pen Media at 313-949-5855.



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