Zim’s Vodka Helps Drive Detroit Music

Zim’s Vodka Helps Drive Detroit Music

Wednesday, 26 July 2017
Detroit Music Station

We are very proud to welcome a new sponsor – the smoothest ultra-premium vodka brand in the world. Zim’s Vodka is specially crafted using potatoes grown in the fertile soil of Poland and Polish spring water that is distilled by a 250-year-old process under the strict management of Eastern European Spirit Masters. Once complete, the vodka is then tested by the discerning palate of the owner – Detroit area businessman known to his friends simply as T.O. Once approved, it is then bottled and exported to the U.S. where his Rebel Spirits Group distributes and markets the top shelf brand that we’ve all come to love.

The process – down to the details of the bottles – is a true work of art. So it is no surprise to learn that T.O.’s passion for the arts runs deep – particularly the art of music. Particularly the world-class music that he regularly hears being produced in Detroit. When asked for his support to help push that music out, he did not hesitate. In the months to come watch Zim’s 81 (black label) and Zim’s 59 (blue label) do what they can to help Detroit Music Station drive Detroit music.

Cheers to that!


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