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Meet The Hottest Detroit-Area Artist That You Probably Never Heard Of
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Just when we thought we knew everyone in the music business from the Detroit area, into our office walks the handlers and managers of Mickey Singh. Who is Mickey Singh, you ask? Then you probably are not a young lady of Indian descent. If you were you would know that he is one of the hottest Indian pop stars around. Bhangra – Pop. Panjambi music. Bollywood stuff. We’re not really sure what any of this means, but all we know...

Thursday, 17 August 2017
Zim’s Vodka Helps Drive Detroit Music
Detroit Music Station

We are very proud to welcome a new sponsor – the smoothest ultra-premium vodka brand in the world. Zim’s Vodka is specially crafted using potatoes grown in the fertile soil of Poland and Polish spring water that is distilled by a 250-year-old process under the strict management of Eastern European Spirit Masters. Once complete, the vodka is then tested by the discerning palate of the owner – Detroit area businessman known to his friends simply as T.O. Once approved, it...

Wednesday, 26 July 2017
Introducing Night Drive – Today at Noon!
Detroit Music Station

While her friends were listening to Hanson and Pink growing up as a little girl in Metro Detroit, she was jamming to Juan Atkins and the Belville Three. Throughout the years, she thumbed her pierced nose at the pop stars of her generation in favor of the much more creative mixologists of the electronic music scene and becoming, along the way, the biggest fan and critic this town has ever known. We are very proud to introduce Chelsea Harabedian as...

Thursday, 25 May 2017
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