Let’s Send Bob Bauer’s Children Home Early

Let’s Send Bob Bauer’s Children Home Early

Tuesday, 28 November 2017
Detroit Music Station

Nobody would blame Justin and Rachel Bauer if their romanticized vision of carrying on their father’s legacy started to wane a bit on this, the 5th day of their Marathon for Meals drive. Those who helped their father with previous drives know how miserable Bob would be by the time a semi trailer was filled with food for the hungry citizens of our community. It is long, boring, cold and lonely days sitting around waiting on the next contribution. Sure you might have the occasional media person stop by for a quick interview that you hope will spark a big run on donations, but make no mistake, this is no glamour gig.

Fortunately, these kids inherited the old man’s stubborness and perseverance. And they came prepared. Planning this since Bob Bauer passed away unexpectedly in July this year, they have been doing everything seemingly right: Secured key sponsorship partners including GENERAL RV who donated their “home” for the next few weeks; KROGER, who provided the ideal location – at their Roseville store on Gratiot and 13 Mile Rd.; and WHITE LINE EXPRESS, who donated the 54 ft semi trailer that is being filled with the food that will feed the hungry through Gleaners Food Bank and Forgotten Harvest.

Their goal is to remain in this parking lot until the truck is filled with 35,000 pounds of food or until December 15 – whichever happens sooner. So if you are able, please stop by as soon as you can and make even the smallest donation of non-perishable food items and meet these 2 very special warriors who, for no other reason than the love of their father and their gigantic hearts, have taken on this thankless job.



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